Prime Construction

Desing & Build of medical liquids production hall with storage and necessary facilities in Stargard.
Client: Radiometer Solutions Sp z o.o.

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health & safety

Safety of our workers and subcontractors is a no. 1 priority to us. Prime Construction Management has established on a base of many years experience a very rigorous Safety Program that is set in motion on every project, regardless of size and place. Main rules of Safety Program are:
Train the Workforce and Managing Staff.
  • Completion of safety training by all workforce and managing personnel.
  • Conduct periodic in-office training programs to communicate updates in Prime Construction Safety Program and current regulations.
  • Set annual, mutual safety goals and assess supervisory performance of it.
  • Provide the ability to express staff and workers safety expectations in an anonymous manner.
  • Adhere to Investor's safety indications and programs.
Create a Safe Work Environment.
  • Weekly on-site inspections by authorised safety and fire inspector to determine conformance with Safety Program and European Safety and Fire Protection Standards.
  • Alcohol-free & drug-free work environment. Our safety officer conducts periodically to every worker and subcontractor on the site unexpected drug & alcohol content tests.
  • We recognize the need to recruit and retain employees with their potential, experience and skills necessary for the continued growth and development of Prime Construction.
  • In Prime Construction we put emphasis to create a learning culture, to provide opportunities to ensure that our staff is equipped with the knowledge, new technologies and skills to work in the most effective way.
  • We know that all employees must be treated fairly and respectfully by their superiors and subordinates. We are committed to the principle of equal opportunities in employment and trainings.
  • The target of the management board in Prime Construction is to create in company environment for all employees to give them possibility in improving their skills and knowledge to support their future career aspirations.

Prizes & awards

Good management and quality of service made us recognizable and trustworthy for our clients.

It also gave us a stable position on the construction market. It is proven by prizes and certificates we are awarded.