Backer OBR Stargard

Construcción industrial

[PL]The investment comprised constructing of storage building made of steel structure of 3 264 m2 in floor area and a brick and reinforced concrete office and worker building 690 m2 in floor area. An outside drainage system with a rain pumping station was installed, together with a numer of installations inside: water and sewage, central heating, technological heating and a mechanical ventilation system with 4 central ventilation units of a total efficiency of 17300 m3/h. The investment also comprised fitting the buildings with an indor and outdoor electrical installation together with a replacement of a 630 kVA transformer. The grounds around the investment were developed, with maneuvering areas and paving stone access roads of a total area of 1 685 m2, car parks of a total area of 760 m2 and 330 mb long fencing with two automatic gates.

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  • Inwestor: Backer OBR sp. z o.o.
  • Form: Diseño y construcción
  • Wartość: <10 mln
  • Termin realizacji: Maj 2015 - Luty 2016
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