Construcción residencial

[PL] The contract involved building a rectangular multi-family residential commercial building with an inside courtyard designed on an inverted roof of a combined usable area of 19,842 square meters. The complex comprises 242 apartments of a combined area of 10,761 square meters and 6 commercial premises. The construction varies in the number of stories – 5 in the front part, 7 in the back. The building houses 4 staircases and 4 elevators. The roof was constructed as a “green roof”, fitted with materials allowing for introducing plants. The interior was fitted with sanitary and electrical installations, the exterior – with illumination. A two-level berliner wall underground parking of an area of 6,431 square meters allowing for parking 247 cars was constructed as well. The parking space was fitted with the following systems: mechanical ventilation, smoke exhaust ventilation and fire alarms. The grounds around the site were developed along with the necessary technical infrastructure, traffic and pedestrian routes, street furniture and greenery.

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  • Inwestor: WSD SPV 4 LLC
  • Form: Contratista general
  • Wartość: <50 mln
  • Termin realizacji: Październik 2019 – Wrzesień 2021
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