Prime Construction will rebuild 'Kwartał no. 36' in the center of Szczecin

21 June 2021

On June 11, 2021 Prime Construction signed a PLN 67.3 million contract with Szczecińskie TBS for the revitalization and reconstruction of 'Kwartał no. 36' in the center of Szczecin.

Within this complex project, the following works will be performed:
1) a two-storey underground garage within range of whole quarter in the diaphragm wall technology with an area of 9.530 m2 and 262 parking spaces
2) 'A' building - service and residential with an area of 1.420 m2
3) extension of building ‘B’ - office STBS with an area of 1.220 m2
4) 'C' building - with medical services of area 444 m2
5) central public square with amphitheater, fountain, small architecture and lush greenery

As a part of pro-ecological solutions, it is also planned to build a complex of rainwater tanks with irrigation system, green areas with an area of 3,701 m2, community gardens and green roofs.

Project will be financed from the budget of the City of Szczecin and the European Investment Bank loan granted under the European Structural Investments Fund.