Prime Construction will design & build a retail park complex in Świnoujściu for Mr Zbigniew Grycan

02 February 2021

At the beginning of 2021, Prime Construction starts construction of a retail park in Świnoujście for Mr. Zbigniew Grycan, well known in Poland as the creator of the "Grycan Lody od Pokoleń" brand. The facility will be located near the border crossing at Wojska Polskiego street in Świnoujście.

The scope of the contract includes designing works, construction of a retail park, construction of a Castorama store and a Shell station with a car wash and e-car charging stations. The area of the complex will exceed 7.7k sqm, and the 'shell & core' works are to be completed within five months.

The author of this interesting project is the 'TUES' architectural office from Szczecin and the entire investment will be carried out under the supervision of the Engineer 'NBQ' also from Szczecin.

Let us recall that this is another retail park constructed by the Prime Construction, recently in 2020 the company completed a similar facility 'Retail Park Mieszka' in Szczecin.