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The contract involved, firstly, the demolition of existing facilities and underground infrastructure for the construction of Mieszka Retail Park with a usable area of over 10,000 square meters and a volume of 73,784 cubic meters. Works related to the installation of new utilities and development of the area were carried out as part of the investment. The supporting structure of the building made of prefabricated reinforced concrete elements and the steel supporting structure of the roof, ad-fixing installations and roofs over the entrances were installed. Masonry and finishing works were carried out, and the elevation made of composite wall panels and the elevation aluminum fixtures were installed. The facility was equipped with the following systems: electrical with lighting, central heating, technological heat, mechanical ventilation with air conditioning, water and sewage, hydrant and smoke venting. A valve facade made of Rockpanel and HPL boards were installed and a steel advertising pylon was erected. Finishing works were carried out in the "turnkey" solution for selected lessees. The investment also included reconstruction of a section of ul. Milczańska with laying of new asphalt overlays and the construction of access roads, a parking lot and sidewalks with a total area of 7,362 square meters..

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  • Investor: JP DEVELOPMENT
  • Form: Build
  • Value: 20 - 50 mln
  • Project dates: March 2019 – March 2020
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